Monitoring and Maping Abuses

Present working relations have degraded/deteriorated, they are in a state of constant erosion due to the fact that present legislation represents a major block for workers to reach prosperity and to regain their dignity. Through these actions we want to discourage employers to renounce abusive practices and feudal mindsets which, more often than not, are part of an employers tools. It is our strong belief that such mentalities should and must change and only if workers gain the confidence and strength to report such activities and organize will these changes occur. They may help themselves directly and in the process help others indirectly. Here’s what we propose: Using the map bellow and the Report button you can contact us with minimal and initial information about such cases. We will contact you to discuss things in detail about how the investigation will proceed and what help we can offer.   Attention! We understand that fear is the main factor which prevents employees from reaching out and sharing their stories, that is why it is important for us to go through the investigative process without putting the persons who give us their trust in any difficult situation. Any discussions we have with the persons who find themselves in such situations will be confidential, and we will only publish any material if we get the consent of all parties involved.