Let’s Change Labour Legislation

We believe that current worker legislation was drafted against the interests of those who toil. The state and it’s institutions, which are supposedly watching over the correct implementation of these laws, admit through their representatives that they have drafted these pieces of legislation with the help of owner unions/cartels and other international economic organizations (The World Bank, IMF etc.), ignoring the opinion of trade unions or other worker representatives. In short, workers are not consulted in this process, trade unions are ignored as they do not have the strength to impose their views, or they are created for the soul purpose of tricking and living of the contribution of their members, resulting in a state of affairs which permits capital owners to exploit and abuse without any consequence.

What is certain is that most trade unions do not have either the will or the power to make the voices of the workers heard. The reality is that since the fall of the communist regime in Romania, political intrigue and the greed of trade union leaders has lead to a general sentiment of mistrust felt by the workers about these forms of association. Modifying these pieces of legislation would only represent a first step in improving their living conditions and it may offer greater protection against owner abuse and exploitation.

Our proposition addresses all individuals and groups interested in changing how work relations function. Conscious about the fact that this is a long term process we wish to gather society around a set of laws which we consider vital for an economic stability.