Labour Association and Organization

Organizing is the foundation for workers strenght. It is what gives them a voice and permits them to struggle for better rights, working conditions, and for a better society in which to live and pass on. Worker unions, informal groups, mutual aid communities or cooperatives are just a few forms of association which may be the means towards a better society and emancipation from capitalist relations.

Organizing workers is the core idea which lead to the formation of our group. The Mahala is a collective and direct expression of this idea, one which we want to share with all the people engaged in any form of working relations whether they are part of the formal or informal economy.

How can we help:

  • Workshops on organizing and forming networks of informal groups of workers
  • Workshops organizing free worker unions (legal procedures for organizing official unions, internal organization and models for nonhierarchical and decentralized institutions
  • Facilitation and Consensus Reaching workshops for a more democratic and inclusive institutions
  • Workshop on legal and illegal forms of non-violent protest (strikes, boycotts, worker occupations, etc.)