A Letter of Solidarity with the Workers from Unique Clothing Păuleşti

Mister Administrator,

A short video, published by the PH-Online.ro news platform on the 8th of August 2017, has brought your attitude and the labour relations from the factory that you administer to our attention. The workers’ discontent is caused by the precarity that they feel in general, which only became more acute given the late salary payment. As for the salaries themselves, your company fails to fulfill the minimum conditions stipulated by the Law 53 from 2003, because, as long there are salary delays, article 166, paragraph 1 from the Labour Code (53/2003) is violated. We consider that the behaviour displayed in the aforementioned video is a glaring infringement of your company’s workers’ dignity, and, implicitly, of article 1, section e.

We consider that the discontent that is present in the Unique Clothing company is the direct result of the exploitation of its male and female workers, of the state precarity felt by the workers and of the authoritarian way in which work relations are handled. We would therefore like to remind you that, although the capitalist system allows somewhat authoritarian work relations, your behaviour rather brings to mind darker periods of history, as well as the implications of slavery. We strongly encourage you to straighten your attitude towards your employees, to stop insulting them and, obviously, to pay their salaries on time. We do not consider that you can become a model for the other employers or entrepreneurs, judging by the attitude you displayed in the short film that most of the people living in Romania have watched. We, do, however, trust that you can at least treat your employees as decent human beings.

In addition to this, we express in the most serious manner our worries that this form of attitude is based on racist, and maybe even sexist, convictions.

Last, but not least, we are letting you know that the workers from MAHALA – The Militant Workers’ Community are unconditionally expressing their solidarity with the dissatisfied workers from Unique Clothing, for an indefinite period of time.

We are counting on the solidarity of those in similar situations.

MAHALA – The Militant Workers’ Community