The Great Propaganda – Spring Session


“Workers, comrades, friends, only united in solidarity and organised can we struggle for better rights at our workplace”, this is the message we are trying to propagate this spring. That’s right, we are restarting the Great Propaganda campaign, the spring session. Our first action of the season will be this weekend (4th – 5th March), when we will be going to Târgoviște and nearby towns and villages to talk to people, hand out flyers, put up posters etc.

Want to lend a hand? All those who want to get to know us or take part in the Great Propaganda campaign can contact us on our facebook page or by email at For all those who can’t come this weekend in Târgoviște we will be uploading the files for the flyers and posters on the site. You can use them as you see fit.

During the season we will be traveling to villages and towns in the Muntenia region in order to disseminate our message to as many communities and working people as possible (both from the formal or informal economy). For all those in a hurry we have prepared flyers and posters to attract their attention, and for those who want to stay and chat we have a great story about how we organise, take action and what our aims are.

* this call is addressed to all people regardless of sex, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation or social status