From Within the Strike Movement. Building a Political Infrastructure for the Coming Struggles

This article was originally published on the Transnational Social Strike Platform. Since 2008, social movements have wrestled with ways to overcome the limits placed upon modes of organisation developed in response to the rapid transformations in the economic, social and political fields. A variety of struggles against the neoliberal order have been going on in the last years: from the…
Action added on 16 March, 2017

About Solidarity and Partial Victories

We will present in this article the story of a group of workers from the De’Longhi factory in Jucu Herghelie, Cluj county, who went on a spontaneous strike just a few days before the winter holidays of 2016 to ask management for equal rights with the rest of the workers. More precisely, they also wanted to receive gift coupons, just…
Action added on 15 March, 2017

The Great Propaganda – Spring Session

“Workers, comrades, friends, only united in solidarity and organised can we struggle for better rights at our workplace”, this is the message we are trying to propagate this spring. That’s right, we are restarting the Great Propaganda campaign, the spring session. Our first action of the season will be this weekend (4th - 5th March), when we will be going…
Action added on 1 March, 2017