A Call to Solidarity with the workers from De’Longhi Romania


It has come to our attention, after discussing with the female workers that took part in the wildcat strike at the end of 2016, that the administration of the De’Longi Romania factory from Jucu, Cluj county, continues to force its workers to sign their resignation papers as a punishment for their actions.

A short chronology of the events

A few days before the winter holidays, 21 of the 23 people working on the Brown production line went on spontaneous strike, asking that they be offered the same bonus as had been promised to all the workers from the factory. In the early stages of the strike, the employer asked the workers on strike (through the voice of the personnel from the human resources department and that of the higher ranking workers) to leave the premises of the building. During the strike, the workers were threatened that they would face repercussions for their actions and that they would be fired.

The activity at the Jucu facility was suspended for the period of the winter holidays. When the workers returned to work after the first of January, they found themselves reassigned to other lines and shifts so that they wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other. Practically, the employer (through its representatives) tried to divide the group of workers that had expressed their discontent with the perceived inequities.

On the 17th of January, five of the people that took part in the strike were called, one by one, to discuss with the representatives from the human resources department and with the hierarchical higher-ups. Following a discussion during which the employees felt intimidated, each of them was handed a document that he was then asked to sign. The content of this document could neither be read, as it was intentionally obscured by the hand of the person that proposed it be signed, nor was it presented to them verbally. Only after signing these documents were they informed about its contents, namely that they were no longer working for the company.

Subsequently, one more worker “handed in her resignation” (in reality being constrained to do it) in the same disrespectful manner that disregards the worker’s dignity and freedom to choose whether he or she decides to resign or not – a fundamental right, guaranteed by labor code as well as by individual work contracts.

On the 19th of January, our community forwarded an address to the management of De’Longhi, demanding that they cease these abusive practices, but it has remained unanswered. What is more, yesterday, on the 25h of January, two more people were forced to quit their jobs against their will.

Taking these incident into accounts, we consider this a good opportunity to demand that you cease any behavior that hurt the workers’ dignity and, especially, that you stop forcing your employees to sign their resignation. Such practices are undoubtedly illegal, abusive and immoral, and the signatories of this letter with continue to express their solidarity with the workers that the company has persecuted.

The signature list is open. Those wishing to express their solidarity can sign here.