The “Step Down, Pîslaru” Action

pislaru3 Today, the 7th of November 2016, a few members of our group, Mahala – The Militant Workers’ Community, protested against the instigatory hate speech that the current government promotes, especially through the voice of the Minister for Labour, Family, Social Protection and Protection for the Elderdy, Dragos Pîslaru. Pîslaru’s remarks were towards the people who benefit from social aid in particular, and the protesters demanded the Minister step down and issue a public apology to those whose dignity was hurt by his remarks. We consider that this type of hate speech, which certain members of the current government direct against working men and women from informal economies, against vulnerable groups that benefit from social assistance and against those that simply claim their rights, serves only towards dividing an already fragmented society and creating social conflicts. Terms such as „loafers” or „electoral cadgers” (a derogatory expression used to refer to poor people who support a certain party in exchange for small amounts of money or goods) should not be present in the speeches or discourses of those that form the government, as they can fuel hatred towards the lower class. The aim of public politics must not be the exclusion of certain social groups, but rather finding solutions to integrate these people within a labour market that properly and decently repays their work. What is more, we want to bring to the attention of all political parties that compete in the electoral race that labour and work relations in Romania, alongside working conditions, should be a major subject of debate. At this moment they are almost entirely neglected, therefore we also encourage worker syndicates and trade unions to take a militant political stance and properly pressure the members of government and to create a framework of social dialogue that would allow the voices of paid workers to be heard.
pislaru-1 pislaru2The banner reads “Economic excellence passes through the stomach”