The Great Propaganda!


Come and join the Great Propaganda!

Join the Mahala community for our first action of the year. Help us spread the message promoted on our platform so we can bring together all those who work into a community of militant workers.

We want our message to reach workers from all levels of society, regardless of the work they do, be it in the formal or informal economy. So we have decided to roam the streets, enter neighbourhoods, communities and squares to convince those who toil to join our community.

How do we want to achieve this? For those who are in a hurry we plan to peak their interest with flyers, and for those who do have the time to speak to us we have a great story about how we organize, act and what we plan to achieve. At the moment we can only reach people from Bucharest and nearby towns, but we would like to reach people in other towns and villages big and small. So for those who do want to help we have uploaded on the site a file which you can use to print the flyers (here). Ohh yeah, and don’t forget to tell people not to throw the flyer away but to pass it on to someone else.

Last but not least, we are looking for active people who are interested in struggling for better worker rights and who want to make a change in the communities they live.

* this call is addressed to all people regardless of sex, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation or social status